• CV. Mitra Jasikom

    Our Vision

    to enhance the quality standards, through our application of shared knowledge and expertise, and through out commitment to excellence, innovation, and value. In doing so we position ourselves at the forefront of technology and competitiveness.

  • CV. Mitra Jasikom

    Corporate Culture

    Teamwork and employee empowerment is fundamental to our culture. We respect value input and opinion and also encourage innovation and creativity. Health and Safety of our workforce is a priority for us.

  • CV. Mitra Jasikom

    Corporate Mission

    Create an environment that facilitates growth and development and embraces the principles of equality and mutual respect.

  • CV. Mitra Jasikom

    Our Strength

    The company has on its rolls a large number of tradesmen, technical support and sales personnel who are highly skilled in respective functional areas. Motivation being an integral part of the human resource process, the company has incentive schemes for personnel who excel in their performance

  • CV. Mitra Jasikom

    Project Execution

    Meticulous planning, monitoring and control of project activities ensure timely completion of projects. As soon as the work order is received the project admin in the main office together with the project manager prepares detailed work schedules, material requirements and cost estimates. A manual for the project management acts as the guide for the engineers to ensure quick mobilization, starting of the project, monitoring and control of the activities

  • CV. Mitra Jasikom

    Training & Development

    All our new personnel are put through a rigorous induction programmed that include theoretical and practical training in products and workmanship. Additional training, in-house, is provided in every product / project that the company undertakes.


CV. Mitra Jasikom began operations as an local office in Jakarta. Primary objective is to design, manufacture, and distribute quality telecommunications and information products, to provide services that satisfy customer requirements, and to fulfill employee and shareholder aspirations. MAHESA was established with a clear vision to be a significant player in Telecommunication Contracting, Telecommunication & IT Network solutions business in Indonesia.
We was founded by and is staffed with experienced consultants, industry practitioners and technology experts who formerly worked for telecomunication, networking, banks and internet provider, and will continue to enhance services within the areas of its specializations in addition to the already long established range of products and services.

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